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Updated  - MoP Locations (maps coming soon)  and Artifacts

Welcome to WoWdigs, a site dedicated to the new secondary profession -  Archaeology introduced with Cataclysm, the third expansion of World of Warcraft.

WoWdigs offers comprehensive information on everything that is WoW Archaeology.  Archaeology is available to all characters level 20 and over. 

At WoWdigs you will find all the information you need to effectively level your character’s archaeology from 1 – 525.

Trainers – We offer a complete list of the in game trainers, where to locate them and which factions they belong to. 

Locations - The locations of all dig sites, including maps & closest flight points so that you can get there quicker.

Achievements - The different Achievements available in World of Warcraft archaeology and how to achieve them.

Artifacts - The different types of artifacts available in the game, what they look like and which race they belong too.

Together with this we have a very helpful and comprehensive guide on how to level this new and exciting profession and also offer tips, hints & solutions on what to do, where to go, what to avoid and how to level your character the most effective way and keep you out of trouble and avoid mob agro.


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