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Journeyman in Archaeology - Obtain 150 skill points in archaeology

Expert in Archaeology - Obtain 225 skill points in archaeology

Artisan in Archaeology - Obtain 300 skill points in archaeology

Master in Archaeology - - Obtain 375 skill points in archaeology

Grand Master in Archaeology - - Obtain 450 skill points in archaeology

Illustrious Grand Master in Archaeology - - Obtain 525 skill points in archaeology

Digger - Find 10 common artifacts

Diggerer - Find 50 common artifacts

Diggerest - - Find 100 common artifacts

I Had It in My Hand  - Find a rare artifact (Title Reward: Assistant Professor)
Find a rare artifact
What was Briefly Yours is Now Mine
- Find 10 rare artifacts (Title Reward: Asociate Professor))

It Belongs in a Museum! - Find 20 rare artifacts (Title Reward: Professor)

It's Always in the Last Place You Look - Recover archaeology fragments from each of the following races

Kings Under the Mountain - Discover the following artifacts of the Dark Iron thanes

Tragedy in Three Acts - Recover the following night elf artifacts that tell the fateful story of Pyramond and Theleste

Seven Scepters - Recover the following scepters from the various races of Azeroth

The Harder they Fall -- Discover how orc Chieftan Hargal was killed by collecting the following artifacts

Blue Streak - Discover who slew the dread wyrm Kaldrigos by collecting the following artifacts

The Boy Who Would be King - Recover the following tol'vir artifacts that tell of the rise and fall of Emperor Ninjter

More Skills to Pay the Bills - Obtain 525 skill points in fishing, first aid, cooking and archaeology


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