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Below are all the Artifact fragments that you will be picking up at their respective digsites, from skill level 1 - 299 you will only be able to pick up Dwarf, Night Elf, Troll & Fossil fragments. At 300 - 374 you will also be able to pick Draenei and Orc fragments. Then at 375 - 424 Vrykul and Nerubian fragments will become available, at 425 Tol'vir and finally at 525 Pandaren, Mogu & Mantid fragments will become available.

Click on the race logo's below for full lists of completed artifacts including rare and epic bind on account (BoA) items, pets &, mounts.

Dwarf Draenei Fossil Mantid 

 Mogu Nerubian  Night Elf    Orc 

 Pandaren  Tol'vir    Troll Vrykul

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