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"The nerubians are described from an ancient race known as the aqir, roughly half of which migrated far to the north after continual warfare with the trolls. There they founded a gigantic city-state below Northrend, the arrival of the Lich King was brutally hard on the wicked nerubian race, with many of the spiderlike creatures converted to the Scourge and others driven deep into hiding." 

You can start collecting Nerubian artifacts at skill level 375. There are only  9 digsites that you can find Nerubian artifacts and they can be found on two continents of Azeroth:

Northrend - 7 Digsites
Eastern Kingdoms - 2 Digsites

WoWdigs Nerubian Fragment 
Below is a full list of all the Nerubian  artifacts currently available to discover.  Nerubian Fragment 

Common Artifacts Fragments Sell Price
Gruesome Heart Box 45 7g
Vizier's Scrawled Streamer 45 10g
Spidery Sundial 45 10g
Ewer of Jormungar Blood 45 10g
Infested Ruby Ring 45 20g
Six Clawed Cornice 45 20g
Scepter of Nerzar'Azret 45 50g

Rare Artifacts Fragments Skill  Sell Price
Blessing of the Old God 140 375  5g
Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron 140 375  5g

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