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WoWdigs - Eastern Kingdoms Digsites 

Zone Location Dig Site Race Map
Arathi Highlands Thoradin’s Wall Thoradin’s Wall Dwarf Mini Map
Witherbark Village Witherbark Digsite Troll Mini Map
Badlands Bloodwatcher Point Tomb of the Watchers Digsite Dwarf Mini Map
Hammertoe’s Digsite Hammertoe’s Digsite Dwarf Mini Map
The Maker's Terrace Uldaman Entrance Digsite Dwarf Mini Map
Blasted Lands Dreadmaul Post Dreadmaul Fossil Field Fossil
The Red Reaches Red Reaches Fossil Bank Fossil
Burning Steppes Ruins of Thaurissan Eastern Ruins of Thaurissan Dwarf
Ruins of Thaurissan Western Ruins of Thaurissan Dwarf
Terror Wing Path Terror Wing Fossil Field Fossil
Duskwood Twilight Grove Twilight Grove Digsite Night Elf
Vul’Gol Ogre Mound Vul’Gol Fossil Bank Fossil
Eastern Plaguelands The Infectis Scar Infectis Scar Fossil Field Fossil
Plaguewood Plaguewood Digsite Nerubian
Quel’Lithien Lodge Quel’Lithien Lodge Digsite Night Elf
Terrordale Terrorweb Tunnel Digsite Nerubian
Zul’Mashar Zul’Mashar Digsite Troll
Hillsbrad Foothills Dun Garok Dun Garok Digsite Fossil
Southshore Southshore Fossil Field Fossil
The Hinterlands Aerie Peak Aerie Peak Digsite Dwarf
Agol’watha Agol’watha Digsite Troll
Alter of Zul Alter of Zul Digsite Troll
Jintha’Alor Jintha’Alor Lower City Digsite Troll
Jintha’Alor Upper City Digsite Troll
Shadra’Alor Shadra’Alor Digsite Troll
Loch Modan Ironband’s Tomb Ironband’s Excavation Site Dwarf
Redridge Mountains Lakeridge Highway Lakeridge Highway Fossil Bank Fossil
Searing Gorge Grimsilt Worksite Grimsilt Digsite Dwarf
Pyrox Flats Pyrox Flats Digsite Dwarf
Stranglethorn Vale -
Northern Stranglthorn
Bal’lal Ruins Bal’lal Ruins Digsite Troll
Balia’mah Ruins Balia’mah Digsite Troll
Ruins of Zul’Kunda Eastern Zul’Kunda Digsite Troll
Western Zul’Kunda Digsite Troll
Ruins of Zul'Mamwe Eastern Zul’Mamwe Digsite Troll
Western Zul’Mamwe Digsite Troll
Savage Coast Savage Coast Raptor Fields Fossil
Ziata’jai Ruins Ziata’jai Digsite Troll
Stranglethorn Vale -
The Cape of Stranglethorn
Gurubashi Arena Gurubashi Arena Digsite Troll The Cape of Stranglethorn - Gurubashi Arena
Nek’mani Wellspring Nek’mani Wellspring Digsite Troll
Ruins of Aboraz Ruins of Aboraz Troll
Ruins of Jubuwal Ruins of Jubuwal Troll
Swamp Of Sorrows Misty Reed Strand Misty Reed Fossil Bank Fossil Swamp of Sorrows - Misty Reed Strand
Sunken Temple Sunken Temple Digsite Troll Swamp of Sorrows - Sunken Temple
Twilight Highlands Dunwald Ruins Dunwald Ruins Digsite Dwarf Twilight Highlands - Dunwald Ruins Digsite
Grim Batol Grim Batol Digsite Dwarf
Humboldt Conflgagration Humboldt Conflgagration Digsite Dwarf Humboldt Conflgagration Digsite
Thundermar Ruins Thundermar Ruins Digsite Dwarf
Western Plaguelands Andorhal Andorhal Fossil Bank Fossil
Felstone Field Felstone Fossil Field Fossil Western Plaguelands - Felstone Field
Northridge Lumber Camp Northridge Fossil Field Fossil Northridge Lumber Camp
Wetlands Ironbeard’s Tomb Ironbeard’s Tomb Dwarf Wetlands - Ironbeards Tomb
Greenwarden’s Grove Greenwarden’s Fossil Bank Fossil Wetlands - Greenwarden’s Grove
Thandol Span Thandol Span Dwarf Wetlands - Thandol Span
Whelgar’s Excavation Site Whelgar’s Excavation Site Dwarf Wetlands - Whelgar’s Excavation Site

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