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WoWdigs - Kalimdor Digsites

Zone Location Dig Site Race Map
Ashenvale Forest Song Forest Song Digsite Night Elf Forest Song Digsite
The Ruins of Ordil’Aran Ruins of Ordil’Aran Night Elf Ruins of Ordil’Aran
The Ruins of Stardust Ruins of Stardust Night Elf Ruins of Stardust
The Zoram Strand Zoram Strand Digsite Night Elf Zoram Strand Digsite
Ruins of Eldarath Ruins of Eldarath Night Elf Ruins of Eldarath
Temple of Arkkoran Ruins of Arkkoran Night Elf Ruins of Arkkoran
The Barrens –
Southern Barrens
Bael Moden Bael Moden Digsite Dwarf kalimdor\southern_barrens_bael_moden_wowdigs.html
Fields of Blood Fields of Blood Fossil Bank Fossil Fields of Blood Fossil Bank
The Overgrowth Nightmare Scar Digsite Night Elf kalimdor\southern_barrens_the_overgrowth_wowdigs.html
Darkshore Nazj’vel Nazj’vel Digsite Night Elf Nazj’vel Digsite
Desolace Ethel Rethor Ethel Rethor Digsite Night Elf Ethel Rethor Digsite
Kodo Graveyard Kodo Graveyard Fossil Kodo Graveyard
Mannoroc Coven Mannoroc Coven Digsite Night Elf Mannoroc Coven Digsite
Sargeron Sargeron Digsite Night Elf kalimdor\desolace_sargeron_digsite_wowdigs.html
Slitherblade Shore Slitherblade Shore Digsite Night Elf Slitherblade Shore Digsite
Valley of the Bones Valley of Bones Fossil Valley of Bones
Dustwallow Marsh The Dragonmurk Wyrmbog Fossil Field Fossil Wyrmbog Fossil Field
The Quagmire Quagmire Fossil Field Fossil Quagmire Fossil Field
Felwood Irontree Woods Ironwood Digsite Night Elf Ironwood Digsite
Jaedenar Jaedenar Digsite Night Elf Jaedenar Digsite
Morlos’Aran Morlos’Aran Digsite Night Elf Morlos’Aran Digsite
Ruins of Constellas Constellas Digsite Night Elf Constellas Digsite
Feralas Broken Commons Broken Commons Digsite Night Elf Broken Commons Digsite
Darkmist Ruins Darkmist Digsite Night Elf Darkmist Digsite
Dire Maul Dire Maul Digsite Night Elf Dire Maul Digsite
Oneiros Oneiros Digsite Night Elf Oneiros Digsite
Ruins of Isildien North Isildien Digsite Night Elf North Isildien Digsite
South Isildien Digsite Night Elf North Isildien Digsite
Ruins of Ravenwind Ravenwind Digsite Night Elf Ravenwind Digsite
Ruins of Solarsal Solarsal Digsite Night Elf Solarsal Digsite
Mt Hyjal Grove of Aessina Grove of Aessina Digsite Night Elf kalimdor\mt _hyjal_grove_of_aessina_digsite_wowdigs.html
Ruins of Lar’donir Ruins of Lar’donir Digsite Night Elf kalimdor\mt_hyjal_ruins_of_lordonir_digsite_wowdigs.html
Sanctuary of Malorne Sanctuary of Malorne Digsite Night Elf kalimdor\mt_hyjal_ruins_of_lordonir_digsite_wowdigs.html
The Scorched Plain Scorched Plain Digsite Night Elf Scorched Plain Digsite
Shrine of Goldrinn Shrine of Goldrinn Digsite Night Elf Shrine of Goldrinn Digsite
Silithus Southwind Village Southwind Village Digsite Night Elf Southwind Village Digsite
Stonetalon Mountains Ruins of Eldre’Thar Ruins of Eldre’Thar Night Elf Ruins of Eldre’Thar
Stonetalon Peak Stonetalon Peak Digsite Night Elf Stonetalon Peak Digsite
Unearthed Grounds Unearthed Grounds Fossil Unearthed Grounds
Tanaris Abyssal Sands
Abyssal Sands Fossil Ridge Fossil Abyssal Sands Fossil Ridge
Broken Pillar Broken Pillar Digsite Troll Broken Pillar Digsite
Dunemaul Compound Dunemaul Fossil Ridge Fossil Dunemaul Fossil Ridge
Eastmoon Ruins Eastmoon Ruins Digsite Troll Eastmoon Ruins Digsite
Southmoon Ruins Southmoon Ruins Digsite Troll kalimdor\tanaris_southmoon_ruins_digsite_wowdigs.html
Zul'Farrak Zul'Farrak Digsite Troll Zul'Farrak Digsite
Akhenet Fields Akhenet Fields Tol’vir  
Cursed Landing Cursed Landing Digsite Tol’vir  
Keset Pass Keset Pass Digsite Tol’vir  
Khartut’s Tomb Khartut’s Tomb Digsite Tol’vir Khartut’s Tomb Digsite
Vir'naal River Delta River Delta Digsite Tol’vir  
Neferset City Neferset Digsite Tol’vir Neferset Digsite
Obelisk of the Stars Obelisk of the Stars Digsite Tol’vir  
Orsis Orsis Digsite Tol’vir Orsis Digsite
Ruins of Ahmtul Ruins of Ahmtul Digsite Tol’vir Ruins of Ahmtul Digsite
Ruins of Ammon Ruins of Ammon Digsite Tol’vir Ruins of Ammon Digsite
Ruins of Khintaset Ruins of Khintaset Digsite Tol’vir Ruins of Khintaset Digsite
Sahket Wastes Sahket Wastes Digsite Tol’vir Steps of Fate Digsite
Schnottz's Landing Schnottz's Landing Digsite Tol’vir  
Steps of Fate Steps of Fate Digsite Tol’vir Steps of Fate Digsite
Temple of Uldum Temple of Uldum Digsite Tol’vir Temple of Uldum Digsite
Tombs of the Precursors Tombs of the Precursors Digsite Tol’vir kalimdor\uldum_tombs_of_the_precursors_wowdigs.html
Un’Goro Lakkari Tar Pits Lower Lakkari Tar Pits Fossil Lower Lakkari Tar Pits
Lakkari Tar Pits Upper Lakkari Tar Pits Fossil Upper Lakkari Tar Pits
Marshlands Marshlands Fossil Bank Fossil Marshlands Fossil Bank
The Screaming Reaches Screaming Reaches Fossil Field Fossil Screaming Reaches Fossil Field
Terror Run Terror Run Fossil Field Fossil Terror Run Fossil Field
Winterspring Frostwhisper Gorge Frostwhisper Gorge Digsite Night Elf Frostwhisper Gorge Digsite
Lake Kel’Theril Lake Kel’Theril Digsite Night Elf Lake Kel’Theril Digsite
Owl Wing Thicket Owl Wing Thicket Digsite Night Elf Owl Wing Thicket Digsite

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