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 updated : 15th of June

Patch 4.1 Live

New rewards are now discoverable and a new boss in Zul'Grub -
Artifact Race Fragments
Extinct Turtle Shell Fossil 150
Pterrordax Hatchling Fossil 120
Ancient Amber Fossil 100
Voodoo Figurine Troll 100
Haunted War Drum Troll 100
Vrykul Drinking Horn Vrykul 100

New Zul'Grub Bosses Patch 4.1.0
Archaeologists with the appropriate archaeology skill will be able to unlock 1 of four random bosses in the new 5 man version of Zul'Grub.

Patch 4.0.6 Archaeology Hotfix (March 16th)

The Sands of Time is now a blue superior-quality item. This item can still be used to craft Vial of the Sands when combined with other required materials. The vendor price is unchanged.

Future Archaeology plans
In a Q&A session Nethaera has answered a question regarding future rares being added to races
Q: Are there any plans to bring new items to Archaeology with each future patch? - Idej (North America/ANZ)
We may not make it every patch, but we designed Archaeology specifically with this kind of expandability in mind. Our most immediate plans are to add rare items to the Vrykul and especially Troll races, since they have so few, and add more to Fossils in general since you end up with so many Fossil sites. We also have some plans to make it slightly easier to focus on races upon which you want to focus.

Undocumented Changes in 4.0.6

- You can now solve projects while mounted - Confirmed by wowdigs.com

- It is now possible to walk through unearthed archaeology finds -
Confirmed by wowdigs.com

New Digsites - See our locations pages for new maps

Seven new Tol'vir Dig Sites in Uldum added:
     Akhenet Fields
     Keset Pass
     Obelisk of the Stars
     Sakhet Wastes
     Schnottz's Landing
     Cursed Landing
     Lost City of the Tol'vir

- Four new Nerubian Dig Sites:
Eastern Plaguelands - Plaguewood,
                               - Terrorweb Tunnel

Icecrown - Pit of Fiends - Confirmed by wowdigs.com

Borean Tundra - Sands of Nasam
- Confirmed by wowdigs.com

Hot fix January 19th-26th

- Archaeology projects - Twisted Ammonite Shells, Druid and Priest Statue Sets, Fierce Wolf Figurines and Spidery Sundials now guarantee skill-ups all the way to 525.

Patch 4.0.6 changes - Live

Profession changes

- Archaeology finds now grant a guaranteed skill point up to 50 skill, and then no longer grant skill gains, as opposed to granting up to 100 skill very slowly.

- Archaeology fragments now have a hard cap of 200 per race. Players will not be able to collect additional fragments until they complete artifacts to take them down below 200 fragments. Players with more than 200 fragments will not lose additional fragments in 4.0.6, but in a future patch they may remove any fragments above 200.

- Survey now has a 3 sec cool down, down from 5 sec


User interface changes

- There are now number displays on the summary page and dropdown menu.

- Ready Flash has been added to the race icons.

Item Changes

The sell value of all common artifacts has been doubled, while a small subset of common artifacts have had their sell value increased far beyond that.

- Queen Azshara's Dressing Gown now requires Level 51, down from 60.

- Headdress of the First Shaman now requires Level 61, down from 70.

- Nifflevar Bearded Axe now requires Level 71, down from 80.  

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