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WoWdigs - Northrend Digsites
Zone Location Dig Site Race Map
Borean Tundra Riplash Ruins Riplash Ruins Digsite Night Elf   northrend\borean_tundra_riplash_ruins_digsite_wowdigs.html
Sands of Nasam Sands of Nasam Digsite Nerubian   northrend\borean_tundra_talramas_digsite_wowdigs.html
Talramas Talramas Digsite Nerubian   northrend\borean_tundra_talramas_digsite_wowdigs.html
Temple City of En’Kilah En’Kilah Digsite Nerubian   northrend\borean_tundra_enkilah_digsite_wowdigs.html
Crystalsong Forest Ruins of Shandaral Ruins of Shandaral Digsite Night Elf   northrend\crystalsong_forest_ruins_of_shandaral_digsite_wowdigs.html
Violet Stand Violet Stand Digsite Night Elf   northrend\crystalsong_forest_violet_stand_digsite_wowdigs.html
Dragonblight Moonrest Gardens Moonrest Gardens Digsite Night Elf   northrend\dragonblight_moonrest_gardens_digsite_wowdigs.html
Pit of Narjun Pit of Narjun Digsite Nerubian   northrend\dragonblight_pit_of_narjun_digsite_wowdigs.html
Grizzly Hills Drakil’Jin Ruins Drakil’Jin Ruins Digsite Troll   northrend\grizzly_hills_drakiljin_ruins_digsite_wowdigs.html
Voldrune Voldrune Digsite Vrykul   northrend\grizzly_hills_voldrune_digsite_wowdigs.html
Howling Fjord Baleheim Baleheim Digsite Vrykul   northrend\howling_fjord_baleheim_digsite_wowdigs.html
Gjalerbron Gjalerbron Digsite Vrykul   northrend\howling_fjord_gjalerbron_digsite_wowdigs.html
Halgrind Halgrind Digsite Vrykul   northrend\howling_fjord_halgrind_digsite_wowdigs.html
Nifflevar Nifflevar Digsite Vrykul   northrend\howling_fjord_nifflevar_digsite_wowdigs.html
Shield Hill Shield Hill Digsite Vrykul   northrend\howling_fjord_shield_hill_digsite_wowdigs.html
Skorn Skorn Digsite Vrykul   northrend\howling_fjord_skorn_digsite_wowdigs.html
Wyrmskull Village Wyrmskull Digsite Vrykul   northrend\howling_fjord_wyrmskull_digsite_wowdigs.html
Icecrown Jotunheim Jotunheim Digsite Vrykul   Njorndar Village Digsite
Njorndar Village Njorndar Village Digsite Vrykul   Njorndar Village Digsite
Pit of Fiends Pit of Fiends Digste Nerubian   Njorndar Village Digsite
Scourgeholme Scourgeholme Digsite Nerubian   northrend\icecrown_scourgeholme_digsite_wowdigs.html
Ymirheim Ymirheim Digsite Vrykul   northrend\icecrown_ymirheim_digsite_wowdigs.html
Storm Peaks Brunnhildar Village Brunnhildar Village Digsite Vrykul   northrend\storm_peaks_brunnhildar_village_digsite_wowdigs.html
Sifreldar Village Sifreldar Village Digsite Vrykul   Sifreldar Village Digsite
Valkyrion Valkyrion Digsite Vrykul  
Zul’Drak Alter of Quetz’lun Alter of Quetz’lun Digsite Troll   Alter of Quetz’lun Digsite
Alter of Sseratus Alter of Sseratus Digsite Troll  
Kolramas Kolramas Digsite Nerubian  
Zim’Rhuk Zim’Rhuk Digsite Troll   Zim’Rhuk Digsite
Zol’Heb Zol’Heb Digsite Troll   Zol’Heb Digsite

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