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Note: Map and stats will be updated as soon as all new locations are confirmed

Zone Location Dig Site Race Map
Hellfire Peninsula Gorgaz Outpost Gor’gaz Outpost Digsite Orc   Gor’gaz Outpost Digsite
Hellfire Basin Hellfire Basin Digsite Orc   Hellfire Basin Digsite
The Path of Glory Hellfire Citadel Digsite Orc   Hellfire Citadel Digsite
Ruins of Sha'naar Sha'naar Digsite Draenei   Sha'naar Digsite
Zeth’Gor Zeth’Gor Digsite Orc   Zeth’Gor Digsite
Nagrand Ancestral Grounds Ancestral Grounds Digsite Orc  
Burning Blade Ruins Burning Blade Digsite Orc   Burning Blade Digsite
Halaa Halaa Digsite Draenei   Halaa Digsite
Laughing Skull Ruins Laughing Skull Digsite Orc   Laughing Skull Digsite
Sunspring Post Sunspring Post Digsite Orc   Sunspring Post Digsite
Netherstorm Arklon Ruins Arklon Ruins Digsite Draenei   Arklon Ruins Digsite
Ruins of Enkaat Ruins of Enkaat Digsite Draenei   Ruins of Enkaat Digsite
Ruins of Farhlon Ruins of Farhlon Digsite Draenei   Ruins of Farhlon Digsite
Shadowmoon Valley Coilskar Point Coilskar Point Digsite Draenei   Coilskar Point Digsite
Dragonmaw Fortress Dragonmaw Fortress Orc   Dragonmaw Fortress
Eclipse Point Eclipse Point Digsite Draenei   Eclipse Point Digsite
Illidari Point Illidari Point Digsite Draenei   llidari Point Digsite
Ruins of Baa’ri Ruins of Baa’ri Digsite Draenei   Ruins of Baa’ri Digsite
Warden’s Cage Warden’s Cage Digsite Orc   Warden’s Cage Digsite
Terokkar Forest Bleeding Hollow Ruins Bleeding Hollow Ruins Digsite Orc   Bleeding Hollow Ruins Digsite
Bone Wastes Bone Wastes Digsite Draenei   Bone Wastes Digsite
Bonechewer Ruins Bonechewer Ruins Orc   Bonechewer Ruins
East Auchindoun East Auchindoun Digsite Draenei   East Auchindoun Digsite
Grangol’var Village Grangol’var Village Digsite Orc   Grangol’var Village Digsite
Tuurem Tuurem Digsite Draenei   Tuurem Digsite
West Auchindoun West Auchindoun Digsite Draenei   West Auchindoun Digsite
Zangarmarsh Boha’mu Ruins Boha’mu Ruins Digsite Draenei   Boha’mu Ruins Digsite
Twin Spire Ruins Twin Spire Ruins Digsite Draenei   Twin Spire Ruins Digsite

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