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Being an Archaeologist also enables you to find some rare pets and mounts below is a complete list of them all.

Pets Race Fragments Keystones Icon

Fossilized Hatchling
Fossil  85 Nil   

terrordax Hatchlingg
Fossil 120 Nil  

  Clockwork Gnome
Dwarf 100    

Voodoo Figurine
Troll 100    

Crawling Claw
Tol'vir 150    

Mounts Race Fragments Keystones Icon

Fossilized Raptor
Fossil 100 Nil 

Scepter of Azj'Aqir
Tol'vir 150

   Vial of the Sands
Tol'vir Recipe is found in Canopic Jar as a random drop for alchemists only

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