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- No.1 Rule To maximize Archaeology gains you need to minimize travelling time.

- One of the keys to levelling Archaeology is being able to get around quickly, you must have a  Flight Master's License and always keep your riding skill trained up where possible. Also if your not lucky enough to already have a 310% mount then beg, borrow or steal to get Master Riding (ok maybe don't steal).

- Being a mage (or having a mage friend follow you around) is a big help travelling around all the zones.

- Use all the resources you can to get around the world such as your Hearthstone, Rings, Tabards and if your an engineer you will have a few extra options as well.

 - Dwarf Archaeologists have a nice racial bonus. Explorer - As a dwarf you will find extra fragments when you loot an archaeological survey, and you will also survey quicker than other races.

- Try to do other Achievements whilst on your adventures surveying like - To All the Squirrels Who Cared for Me,
Pest Control or Surveying the Damage.

- As you become familiar with locations, you will be able to recognize where spawns are and find them quicker. - You can also be lucky and survey 2 or even 3 times in the same location.

- Surveying tools do not cause agro.

- Remember Faction discounts apply to trainers, so go to the ones you are exalted with.

- When surveying hostile areas, land on buildings or ridges and survey first to get an idea of which direction or how close you are without getting into combat.

- An artifact will fade after one minute and counts as one of your digs if lost.

- Think of the survey tool like a bubble around it, items may be below or above!

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